Sacked teacher wants raunchy OnlyFans page to smash records in Christmas wish

A teacher who was fired because of her OnlyFans account has said she is planning to make 2023 a record-breaking year in a touching Christmas wish.

Sarah Juree, 41, decided to take her career online, but things went wrong in June when word got back to her bosses.

She lost her job but has since made a go of the online creator gig, gaining momentum with a number of appearances in the media and podcasts.

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Now, she’s trying to kick into a new gear in the new year and has made her ambitions clear online.

In a Q&A on Instagram, Sarah was asked what she wanted for Christmas.

Replying to the fan she said: “I want my OF page to break records.

“I want financial security for my kids and myself so I can finally have some peace of mind.

“A boyfriend would be nice too. For my prayers to reach my heart and life.”

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In another post on her story, Sarah discussed that things hadn’t been easy lately and that she was still yet to reach the heights she had been hoping for her page.

In the story post, she shared a snap of her Christmas tree with presents laid out below, including a massive stuffed unicorn.

In a heartbreaking message captioning the image, Sarah wrote: “Thank you guys… You are helping me support my kids while I figure this all out.

“It’s not a lot this year.

“Things haven’t taken off how I’d like but we are making it because of you guys.”

Accompanying the post was Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Her post comes shortly after she took to the Curious Girl Diaries Podcast to discuss a range of issues including how she deals with trolls.

Speaking with podcast host Layla, she said: “When you understand that when people make comments on the internet what they are really doing is projecting all of their issues that they have inside about their bodies and their sexuality and the way they’ve been programmed about women – and they’re just projecting it on to you.”

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