Sad before and after pictures show how wildfires have devastated Rhodes

Disturbing before and after photos show the devastation caused by raging wildfires that destroyed a beautiful five-star resort in Rhodes.

The heartbreaking video shows the aftermath of the devastating fire, which has been raging for seven days and is still engulfing the Greek island.

The clip begins with vacationers relaxing by the pool at the luxury Lindos Imperial Resort and Spa in the town of Kiotari.

However, the situation swiftly deteriorated as the fire grew out of control, causing a large-scale evacuation of at least 19,000 people.

The same pool area of the hotel is unrecognisable in the following segment of the video, blanketed in ash, with only a few charred loungers lingering in the background as melancholy memories of what once was.

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The hotel announced on social media that those who left their goods behind during the evacuation might return to get them.

The statement said: “The safety and well-being of our guests and staff are our utmost priority and we have taken this precautionary measure to ensure everyone’s security.

“We want to emphasise that we are in constant communication with the local authorities, closely monitoring the situation.

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“Rest assured, we are taking all necessary measures to address the situation responsibly and ensure a safe environment for everyone.

“During this challenging time, we extend our deepest gratitude for your understanding and support.”

Firefighters are still fighting the fires on the island, while many people have been forced to abandon burning hotels and visitors are racing to board evacuation aircraft.

Even after a week of fighting, the fires remain uncontrollable, according to Konstantinos Taraslias, Rhodes’ deputy mayor.

As the fires continue to spread through key tourist destinations, he stressed that thousands of people urgently require evacuation and shelter.

Additional evacuation orders have been issued for two additional settlements on the island, Malona and Massari, amid fears that the fire would spread to the neighbouring village of Archangelos.

Today, both easyJet and Jet2 have arrangements in place for repatriation flights to bring British citizens back from Rhodes.

As of Tuesday, Rhodes continues to be on the highest level of fire alert, alongside Crete.

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