Say goodbye to white Christmas! UK warned it may stop snowing in winter

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The weather system is continuously changing due to the warming climate, bringing extreme heat and torrential rain to the UK. The average temperatures are steadily increasing meaning that 30C heat, if not more, is to be expected for the rest of the summer and foreseeable future. Higher temperatures and rain result in snow simply being unable to form.

Julian Faraway, Professor of Statistics at Bath University and an expert in air pollution and flooding, has now warned that the probability of the UK having a “white Christmas” again is becoming “less and less likely”.

Mr Faraway told “Of course it’s still possible but the chances are going down.

“It’s not a sure thing but it’s increasingly likely that people will have to get used to the temperatures that we’ve seen this year.

“What we’re seeing this year is going to be seen as normal rather than unusual weather.”

The expert claimed that the reason for this is the warming climate, and that with warmer and wetter weather there is not as much snow as there used to be.

Mr Faraway added: “Looking at the long term effects we can expect warmer, wetter weather.

“I think people in the UK will have to adapt somewhat.

“They’re going to be more uncomfortable with summer weather because it’s going to be hot and it won’t be as cold in the winter.”

The professor further stated that people in the UK will have to get used to frequent flooding in the winter.

The country can expect much more flooding with the warmer temperatures, as the warming climate brings more “extreme weather events”, Mr Faraway said.

He added: “Sometimes they’re really hard to predict. We get quite a short warning of these events.

“They can be quite unexpected in terms of predicting when and where they will occur, but I’m pretty sure that they are going to occur sooner rather than later around the country.”

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Mr Faraway continued: “The reason for the increasing flooding is the climate change.

“It’s changing the weather system in the North Atlantic which brings the weather into the UK and that’s where all the storms come from.

“Those are increasing in intensity and that’s why we see extreme weather.”

With regards to Christmas the expert concluded: “If you have kids and they are excited about snow and ‘white Christmas’ I’d say to them ‘let’s book a trip to Lapland.”

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