Scholz shame as he REFUSES to say he wants Ukraine to win bloody war with Russia

Russian TV host calls Germany's Olaf Scholz a 'moron'

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The German Chancellor repeatedly denied that he wanted the country to win despite announcing that Berlin would provide Kyiv with anti-aircraft weapons.

After weeks of criticism over Germany’s reported reluctance to help Ukraine in the conflict, Mr Scholz confirmed the Bundestag would send Kyiv an IRIS-T air defence system.

Speaking with ministers, he said: “It is Germany’s most modern air defence system.

“Ukraine will be able to protect an entire city from Russian air raids.”

However, the German leader fell short of saying he wanted Ukraine to win the war despite vowing to continue supporting the country “as long as necessary”.

When confronted by Friedrich Merz, the German opposition leader, Mr Scholz stated that “Putin must not achieve his goals” and that Europe was opposed to Russian “imperialism”.

Mr Merz replied: “Why don’t you say it? Is there a second agenda?”

Following on from the meeting, Mr Scholz appeared to reiterate his refusal to answer whether he wanted Kyiv to win the war, tweeting: “It would be arrogant and inappropriate to talk in this country about war aims.

“Only the Ukrainians and their president decide on the conditions for peace… our goal is that Putin doesn’t win and Ukraine can defend itself.”

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