Second lockdown rules on meeting family and friends as rule of six axed

The Prime Minister has axed England’s Rule of Six and replaced it with brand new restrictions that will prevent people from seeing their friends and family.

Boris Johnson announced his intention to place a nationwide lockdown across England on Halloween after he spent weeks pushing his Covid-19 Tier system.

Under the proposal, Mr Johnson has scrapped the Rule of Six, a restriction allowing only six people to eat and drink out at the same time.

Not only that, but the Prime Minister will be introducing new measures preventing anyone not from the same household from mixing, indoors or outdoors, from midnight on Thursday November 5.

As with the March lockdown, there are limited exceptions, including the ability to meet with one other person from one other household.

The exception does not however apply to private gardens, and any meeting must take place in a public open space, such as a park.

Support bubbles will also be allowed, which means one household of any size can choose to "bubble up" with any household that has only one adult in it.

For example, a mum and dad could pair up and act as one household with their daughter and her child if she had moved out.

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Shielding will no longer be in place, but those who are "clinically vulnerable" will be asked to minimise contact with others and not go to work if they're able to work from home.

Other than that, people will be asked to stay at home for the entire month long period, unless they qualify for specific reasons.

The reasons include work, exercise, outdoor exercise, for medical reasons, appointments, to shop for food and essentials, or to escape injury or harm.

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