Serial killer Dennis Nilsens lair to be converted to £1.4m family home

The house in which evil Dennis Nilsen murdered up to 13 men is to be converted into a family home.

The wicked serial killer who died five years ago aged 72, tricked his victims into coming to his home at 195 Melrose Avenue, before boiling them and storing them under the floorboards.

Conducting his spree in the property from 1978-1981, 'The Muswell Hill Murderer' disgusted the public by engaging in sexual intercourse with the dead bodies.

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And while some believe the location is not a fit place to bring up a family, the council have granted its owners permission to turn the Cricklewood property from two self-contained flats into a six-bedroom family home.

After making the call to approve the application, as per The Daily Mail, Brent Council, said: "The de conversion would create a well-proportioned and well-lit family home."

Currently, there are no plans for any external moderation from the couple, who bought it in 2016 for £493,000, with the house expected to stay as Nilsen left it.

Owners Bruno and Mathilde from France, have controversially planted fruit and vegetables in the garden the twisted killer used to burn his victims.

Bruno said: "We fell in love with it because we could see the opportunity to make a great home."

Mathilde added: "It's a long time ago, and maybe because we are foreigners you quickly forget about it."

The couple changed the floorboards that once hid chopped-up corpses and replaced them with waterproofed insulating concrete and modern timber flooring.

The former police constable's horrifying spree came to an end in 1983, when he was arrested by police.

After blocking the toilets with parts of his victims, he called for expert help, somehow not realising that the issue would lead to his detainment.

Upon notice the harrowing remains being eaten by rats, a Dyno-Rod plumber called the police.

After being convicted, he spent the rest of his life in prison.

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