Serial killer who dumped nude bodies on freeways – last meal to sole survivor

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William Bonin is one of America's most prolific serial killers after confessing to killing 21 people whom he had casually dumped naked along the country's freeways.

The sadistic killer was named the "poster child for capital punishment" after becoming the first person in California to die by lethal injection on February 23, 1996.

He had a sick lust for young boys and men and started his horror rampage after he was released from prison in 1979 after he sexually assaulted five boys in South Bay, Los Angeles.

A year after he was released from jail, corpses started to turn up on the side of roadways and around the back of properties across a number of counties.

Most of his victims were as young as 12-year-old up until the age of 19, their nude bodies were tragically disposed with some marked by cigarette burns or welts.

Below we reveal the extent of what took place and highlight everything from his last meal to the chilling last words to his victim's families.

Sole survivor

Bonin previously served as a helicopter gunner in Vietnam where it was later discovered that he had assaulted two soldiers under his command.

In 1975, he was convicted of raping David McVicker after telling a police officer that he would never leave a living witness again.

Bonin raped McVicker at gunpoint before letting him live which was the one and only time he did before he launched his killing spree.

McVicker said he dropped out of high school after the ordeal, reports CBS Los Angeles.

“It was the last day of summer. I was actually hitchhiking home from Garden Grove to Huntington Beach and he got me,” he said

“It really did hurt me for a long time."

Last meal

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Despite his gruesome crimes, Bonin was able to spend his last day alive in comfort, as he looked over his mail and caught up with his family and friends, reports Los Angeles Times.

It was reported that he was moved to a "death watch" cell later in the evening where he was able to indulge in his final meal which included and pepperoni and sausage pizza, topped off with coffee ice cream for dessert.

He also sat back and watched the game show "Jeopardy" on TV and also met with a Catholic chaplain who said he seemed "relaxed" ahead of his execution.

Final words to victims families

The serial killer found the time to give one last daunting message to the families of his victims in an interview with KQED-FM.

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He said he had "made peace with it" and had managed to laugh with a prison warden about his impending execution.

The families of those he had brutally tortured and killed had turned up to the prison in a bid to get some closure but what he choose to say was anything but that.

He said: "They feel that my death will bring closure. But that's not the case. They're going to find out."

The mother of Russell Duane Rugh, 15, whose body was discovered next to a highway alongside the body of another victim Glen Barker, 14, spoke out ahead of the execution.

Sandra Miller said: "I just can't wait to see [Bonin] take his last breath."

The mum went on to say that she regrets that his death would be painless and added: "I think they ought to give him over to the [victims'] parents and David. We'd fix him."

Breakdown of his convictions

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Bonin was convicted of killing and raping 14 young people, some of whom were hitchhikers like McVicker, and sparked fear following a year-long murder spree around Southern California.

On June 11, 1980, the sicko was arrested in Hollywood while sodomising a runaway from Orange County who was a mere 17 years old.

Cops then discovered the equipment he used to rape and strangle his victims in his notorious van – which consisted of rope, wire and a tire iron which he wrapped victims' T-shirts around their necks.

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It was reported that Bonin didn't carry out his vile crimes alone, but also had accomplices who implied he was the mastermind.

One of his friends, Gregory M.Miley was serving a life sentence for his part in the murder of two teenagers, when he was beaten to death by an inmate at Mule Creek State Prison.

He was then found guilty of 10 murders in Los Angeles County in 1982 and then four more in Orange County the following year, in separate trials.

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