Series of earthquakes strike near Rotorua

A series of earthquakes have struck near Rotorua this morning.

The largest at 8.12am measured 4.9 on the Richter Scale and struck at a depth of 5km, 20 km east of Rotorua.

At 7.57am a quake measuring 4.7 struck at a depth of 8km 20km east of Rotorua.

At 8.01am a 3.7 struck 15km east of the city at a depth of 17km.

People have reported feeling the quakes around the Bay of Plenty including in Kawerau and Tauranga.

On social media one described the earthquake as “a big roll in Edgecumbe”. Another said “the house was rocking”.

Others in Tauranga said their beds and houses were shaking.

A Te Puke Facebook user said: “I felt it sitting at the table, my things started swaying and my door was moving like I was on a boat.”

Another said their Rotorua house “rocked for several seconds.”

GeoNet said they have had more than 4000 reports of people feeling the quakes.

GeoNet said the quakes looked to be part of a swarm often seen in the Okataina Volcanic Centre with small “foreshocks” recorded yesterday.

More to come.

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