Sex doll firm hits out at dishonest complaint that £9.5k model had hairy bum

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A sex doll company was slammed by a "dishonest" customer who said their £9,500 life-size model of a porn star with an "extra hairy bum" was too heavy – despite him ordering it at human weight.

But Inferno Official, a worldwide industry leader in the manufacture and supply of lifelike dolls and toys, has hit back at the sometimes wacky reasons people conjure up to get their money back for the bespoke items.

The company – which also make dolls to look like influencers and OnlyFans stars – say that some customers are exploiting a Paypal loophole to get refunds while keeping the goods, leaving them £100,000 worse off last month alone.

Revealing a list of its most bizarre complaints, the company said that one customer moaned that his doll didn't "look enough like his ex girlfriend" despite seeing photos of the product beforehand.

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One red-faced husband was even forced to send his model back after it was discovered by his disgruntled wife.

The firm said it has lost £100,000 in the last month alone through customers accepting £8000 personalised sex dolls and demanding a refund weeks later.

Due to shipping costs rising from £2000 a container from China to £20,000, the company will not pay for the return of the lifelike dolls as they have been personalised.

CEO Ben Stroud said the sky-rocketing shipping costs could lead to British companies closing down due to being left at the mercy of dishonest customers.

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He said one man recently bought a doll of porn star Thor Johnson with "extra hair on its back and bum" but then decided the goods were too heavy after a couple of days of use.

He said: "We had a guy this week who ordered one of our most popular dolls Thor Johnson but wanted it extra hairy, he wanted extra hair on the back, legs, bum, you name it he wanted hair on it.

"He loved the photos of what we created for him, then two days after receiving his personalised doll he complained it was too heavy.

"He knew they are the weight of a human. However, he complains to Paypal and they rule he deserves a refund.

"Now, that's £9,500 doll which is way too hairy for our normal customers so what is the point of us paying £3,100 for shipping to get it back just to bin it?

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"And it is happening more and more, there has to be a change of rules because it will put companies out of business."

Mr Stroud said he is now fighting back against the customers who are using bad faith to ruin the system.

He said: "I am contacting other companies in our industry and asking them to share the names of customers who have used dolls and toys and then demand a refund.

"We can then have our own blacklist, it is sad it has come to this but something has to be done."

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