Sex robots with AI ‘set to have consciousness in 30 years’ and feel ‘superior’

Sex robots created with groundbreaking artificial intelligence could achieve consciousness by 2050, an expert has claimed.

As it stands, the most advanced machines can carry out conversations with their owners, form facial expressions, and develop their own personalities.

Philosophers and scientists have long debated the implications for human-robot relationships if the machines develop sentience.

Academic Dr David Levy, the author behind Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-robot Relationships, believes sex robots will be “super intelligent” by 2050.

Asked if this could lend itself to consciousness, he told the Daily Star: “Yes, absolutely.

“There are people who’ve been working for quite a while on self-awareness, consciousness…by the middle of this century, I think we will see software and robots that give all the appearances of being self-aware.”

These advances could create robots more intelligent than their owners, Dr Levy claims.

Asked if the machines might feel a sense of superiority, he responded: “Well, certainly.

“Robots will have emotions and their emotions will cause them to act in certain ways according to what they experience.”

Other experts believe that humans may soon need to obtain consent from sex robots.

In 2018,one was repeatedly molested during a tech fair in Australia and left with two broken fingers.

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Victoria Brooks, a lecturer in Law at the University of Westminster, afterwards reflected on the possibility of robot rights and consent.

She wrote inThe Conversation: "In legal terms, this would mean having to recognise the robot as human.

"We are making these robot lovers in our image and we ought not to pick and choose whether to be kind to our sexual partners, even when we choose to have relationships outside of the "norm"."

Brick Dollbanger, a sex robot enthusiast who has tested out a range of models for RealDoll, has spoken with various developers working to develop their AI.

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He believes true sentience is a long way off – and with it, possible rights.

Brick, whose views are personal, earlier told Daily Star: “Before you can give something rights it has to be self-aware and it has to have the knowledge of its own character and feelings.

“It has to have motives, desires in order for it to be given rights of any kind.

“It has to be self-aware and sex robots are not self-aware. They’re like your car they’re, like a toaster except they have a face on them.”

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