Sex therapist who dated James Gandolfini died after slipping into swimming pool

James Gandolfini’s former fiancée died when she fell into her mum's swimming pool, it has been revealed.

Sex therapist and podcaster Lora Somoza lost her life in the “terrible accident” last year after slipping, hitting her head and then falling into the pool in Los Angeles.

She was 51 when she died on July 5, 2020, which is the same age as The Sopranos star when he suffered a fatal heart attack seven years earlier.

Ms Somoza's friend Zoe Moon, an astrologist, told The Sun: “Her mother found her – it was horrible, a terrible accident."

Gandolfini met Lora Somoza on the set of comedy film The Mexican in 2000, when she was working as an assistant to the director.

They got engaged in 2003 but split up two years later, which they said at the time was because she needed look after her grandma who had Alzheimer’s disease.

Reflecting on their engagement, Ms Moon said: "What happened to her relationship with James was such a sad thing because they were both so in love with each other.

"Madly, insanely in love.”

However, she also said that “Lora was ready to have kids and James was not, so they made an intellectual decision to part ways.”

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The pal said that it was a painful "irony" for Lora that she could not have them in the next relationship that followed, while James did only a few years later.

Gandolfini married Deborah Lin in her hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii in 2008, and their daughter was born in October 2012.

The Sopranos star died less than a year later in June 2013. He had a grown up son, Michael, from his first marriage.

Ms Moon said: "That was just mind-boggling and really, really difficult for Lora.

“They both had a very short life after they broke up so I wish they could have found a way to stay together”

After her break-up with Gandolfini, Somoza became a sex therapist, and started a podcast called Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza.

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Her dad, 73-year-old Thomas Somoza, wrote online: “From the moment I found out that Lora had died, I was so stunned that I was almost emotionless for the first several hours.

“Ever since, I have cried multiple times every single day and I know this is not going to stop any time soon,” he wrote, the outlet said.

“I loved my daughter with all my heart and she was the most precious thing in the world to me.”

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