Shark horror: ‘Monster’ beasts circles fishermans boat after feasting on whale carcass

Massachusetts: Great white shark feeds off of whale carcass

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Brett Methven posted footage of his close encounter with the creatures on YouTube. The two tiger sharks were spotted just a few hundred metres from shore on Fraser Island, off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

Mr Methven’s footage showed the two sharks circle his fishing boat.

The fisherman and his friends were stunned to catch sight of a four-meter shark up close.

Moments later, they noticed a second one swimming towards them.

Video showed the sharks swimming right up to the side of Mr Methven’s boat.

Ahead of the close encounter with the sharks, Mr Methven and his friends discovered huge rotting humpback whale carcass on the shore.

He said on the video, posted to his Coastal Chaos Adventures YouTube channel: “It’s unfortunate but these things do happen.

“We haven’t seen one up here in years – it’s a bit sad but that’s just how nature is.”

The man said it was clear the sharks had got at the whale, with “big chunks” taken out of it.

It comes after a dead whale surrounded by hungry sharks washed up into Adelaide’s port.

South Australian authorities are still deciding about what to do with the carcass.

Humpback whales are about to start their annual migration down the east and west coasts of Australia from calving grounds in the tropics.

Most whales will make it from their breeding grounds back to their summer destination south of Australia, but sometimes a whale will perish along the way.

Shark and whale scientist James Tucker said to Austalian’s more likely to see carcasses wash up when whales are travelling closer to the coast.

Earlier in August, Rick Manning had a close encounter with a shark which bit and damaged his water scooter.

Mr Manning encountered the shark off the coast of North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, and had spotted around five of the animals with a friend while flying a drone over the water.

He then decided to get closer to the group of sharks using a water scooter, and rode a few circles around one of the animals.

He told Australian news outlet 7News the shark, reported to be a three-meter (10-foot) bull shark, “hit with a lot of force” and managed to pierce the Jet Ski’s outer layer of fiberglass.

According to the website Tracking Sharks, there have been 63 shark attack bites in 2021, six being fatal and five being provoked.

The website said there have been 12 shark attack bites in Australia in 2021, with three provoked and one fatal.

Western Australia has had the most shark attacks so far this year, with seven.

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