Sick dog owner films himself hurling poor pooch to its death from high building

A sick scumbag who shared a clip of himself torturing a defenceless puppy before throwing it to its death from a high-rise building has been arrested.

Known only as Wang, the bloke, 22, decided it would be clever to commit the heinous acts, which included threatening the Corgi dog with a knife, and filming them for Chinese social media site Douyin.

The horrific act happened on a balcony in Zhuji, in eastern China's Zhejiang Province.

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Disturbing footage apparently shows Wang threatening the black-and-white pup with a large kitchen knife.

But seemingly unaware of his evil intentions, the Corgi instead wags its tail at the sight of its owner – which makes the act even more sickening.

The video then cuts to a horrifying scene showing Wang picking up the defenceless pup and hitting it against the floor several times.

The dog squeals and cowers in fear as Wang forces it into a corner and is seen kicking it with his leg.

The clip cuts again this time showing an even more gruesome scene as Wang grabs the helpless pooch by the back of its neck and holds it above the ground from his tall balcony.

Moments later, he drops the dog and lets it fall to its death.

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Concerned social media users alerted authorities after Wang reportedly shared the horror footage online with the caption: "Finally dead.”

The Zhuji Public Security Bureau immediately began investigating the incident and soon tracked down the suspect who was arrested a few days later.

He has since been placed under criminal detention, and the case is under further investigation.

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