Sick Gumtree pervert chased woman selling skirt demanding pics of her in it

Perverts, scammers and violent criminals have been preying on people trying to sell stuff on Gumtree.

Figures from police forces there were more than 1,000 crimes logged last year that had a link to the site.

In some cases, “buyers” arranged rendezvous points for the transaction and then just attacked the seller and made off with the stolen goods.

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The acts were all revealed following a Freedom of Information Act ­request – and the real total is believed to be much higher.

The survey found that Cambridgeshire Police had one case where a conman bought a laptop from a seller on gumtree with counterfeit £50 notes.

Northumbria Police dealt with a case where a person paid for a holiday in a caravan on Gumtree only to turn up for their break to find it was privately occupied and not for rent.

One pervy guy was reported to officers in Devon and Cornwall after showing interest in a woman’s skirt and then pestering the seller into modelling the garment and sending him pictures.

A spokesman for Gumtree, left, said: “The safety of our users is our absolute priority. We do not tolerate bad actors.”

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