Sick thug threatened to slit baby’s neck if ex-girlfriend didn’t have abortion

A violent thug who threatened to slit a baby’s throat if his ex-girlfriend didn’t get an abortion has been caged.

George Young, 23, issued the threats to his former partner just weeks after he was released from prison to find out she was pregnant with her new boyfriend's child.

He demanded his ex go to an abortion clinic otherwise he would kick the baby and added he would slit its throat if he were to see the child after she had given birth.

Young, of north Hull, also faced charges of criminal damage after smashing up her personal items and the victim’s home.

Prosecuting barrister Andrew Petterson told Hull Crown Court Young had been in a relationship with the victim for four years until he was sent to prison in 2019, Hull Live reports.

He said: “Whilst he was in prison the victim started a new relationship and fell pregnant.

“Upon the defendants release from prison on November 29, 2019, he was subject to a curfew.

"He refused to believe she was pregnant until he attended along with her a midwives appointment on December 12 last year.

“The victim declined to say who the father was.”

Young went to the victim’s mother’s address the following afternoon (December 13) where he began shouting demands for her to come home with him.

“Ultimately she did go with him,” said Mr Petterson.

“He told the victim to get rid of the child and threatened if she didn’t go to an abortion clinic he would kick the baby.

“He went on to say that should she give birth and if he were to see the child he would cut the child’s throat.”

Young then preceded to smash a jewellery box and candle holder belonging to the victim by throwing them against a wall.

Mr Petterson continued: “He went downstairs and returned with a knife threatening to kill himself unless she had a termination.

“The victim said she stayed in the house all day and night saying she felt like a prisoner.”

When the victim left the house the next day, Young called her four times demanding for her to come home and threatened to smash the house up if she didn’t.

After the victim returned she found he had caused damage to the property, including causing a crack to the toilet cistern.

Young appeared at Hull Crown Court on Monday to be sentenced for two counts of criminal damage and one count of harassment.

Recorder Peter Hampton described Young’s behaviour as “terrible”and “bullying” before sentencing him to a total of six months in prison.

He has also been made subject to a five year restraining order.

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