Six-foot snake evades capture ‘near a Tesco’ for two weeks and is still on loose

A six-foot snake has escaped his home and is currently on the loose in Devon.

The slippery serpent has so far evaded capture for a fortnight and thought to be hiding out near a Tesco.

His owner said: “He is likely to be curled up somewhere warm trying to hide. He will be very frightened."

The red and orange Carolina corn snake has been missing for around two weeks having snuck out of a suspected broken window.

Named Doritos, for reasons unknown, the pet is said to be a friendly male snake who "is not a danger".

The 24-year-old snake has left markings near a Tesco with the owner thinking he could be hiding nearby, Devon Live reports.

Doritos owner, Zoe Moore, said: “The snakes need to live in temperatures of around 24 degrees.

“I can't open my main window and the painter jammed my top window shut resulting in me having to open the bottom one.

“The flat was around 40 degrees in the day and roughly 35 degrees at night.

“I am doing all that I can to keep it cool, but the soaring temperatures are part of the reason he has left.”

The corn snake pushed his way out of the vent and slithered over to the bottom window, before making his escape.

Zoë who has been shielding as a result of Covid-19, said: “I have turned the house upside down trying to find him. He is definitely not in the flat.

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“He is likely to be curled up somewhere warm trying to hide. He will be very frightened.

“He will not hurt you and is certainly not a danger to your pets.

“He is very friendly and has never even hissed at me. Please do not hurt him.”

The 24-year old snake has arthritis in his tail and doesn't have a great deal of strength.

She adds: “If you spot the snake do not be frightened.”

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