Snake catcher bitten by python that wraps itself around his neck in horror clip

A snake catcher was savagely bitten by a wild python he was removing from a woman's garden in Australia, as shown in a hair-raising video.

Josh Castle, who runs Josh's Snake Catching and Relocation in Brisbane, Queensland, caught the riled-up reptile in a tree at the property in Northlakes.

In the clip, recorded on Saturday (May 22) Josh shows himself struggling with the carpet python which he notes is pretty large for its species.

As the snake wraps itself tightly around his neck, Josh says: "Jesus Christ!"

He then grabs the serpent's tail and tries to disentangle himself from its deadly grip.

The snake suddenly lunges at his head, striking him near the ear and he jerks back while someone else screams in the background.

In more footage, he is seen plucking the huge reptile from a tree with his bare hands as he remarks: "Very old snake."

He then identifies the snake as a carpet python and says: "He has a decent weight on him."

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"They are still a wild animal, so I still have to be careful," he adds as the snake winds itself around his neck.

Josh joked about the terrifying incident on his YouTube channel, writing in the caption: "He even had a crack at my face!"

This comes after an 80kg snake with "100 teeth" was found hiding in the kitchen roof by horrified homeowners.

The whopping snake, which was also a carpet python, was eventually caught with the aid of a hairdryer and released in bushland away from people's homes.

"Even though it's non-venomous, a bite from one of these guys this size can do some damage as they have almost 100 teeth," snake catcher Steve Brown said.

Meanwhile, an Australian living in the UK admitted he "s*** himself" when a snake fell into his kitchen as he was coming down his stairs.

The bloke, who says he is "no Steve Irwin", allowed his girlfriend to deal with the suspected corn snake which may have been an escaped pet.

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