Snow forecast: Exact day, time and location snowfall is expected this week

BBC Weather: UK warned of snow as temperatures fall

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Met Office meteorologists are warning that the mild conditions experienced so far this November will soon turn wintery. Freezing conditions will set in within a few days across the UK. Here’s when and where snow could fall this week.

Brits should brace themselves for an icy snap later this week as temperatures could fall to -7C.

An Arctic blast is predicted to see temperatures plummet across the UK from November 24.

According to the Met Office, snow could fall in parts of the UK as early as Wednesday morning, as a cold front is forecast to sweep across the UK starting from the North.

But those hoping to see the first flurries of snow this winter may be disappointed, as snow showers will be predominantly to the highlands of Scotland.

Met Office meteorologist Ollie Claydon told “From tomorrow (November 24), as a cold front moves through allowing a colder pool of air, the North of the UK could start seeing snow showers falling on the mountains in Scotland.

“Those showers will start on Wednesday and continue through to Thursday.”

“On Friday through to Saturday, there is a chance of snow again over the highlands on Friday.”

Although snow showers will be largely limited to high ground areas in Scotland, Friday evening’s forecast could see snow flurries fall further south.

Mr Claydon said: “Overnight on Friday we could see snow on some wider areas of high ground across the UK so across the Pennines and Welsh mountains.

But he added: “At the moment it is not looking likely that any of it will settle necessarily.

“With the rain around as well it could quite readily turn back to rain.

“It’s not looking like anything is going to necessarily settle elsewhere away from the Scottish mountains.

“But there’s a chance of seeing the odd flake falling on Friday night into Saturday.”

This cold snap is expected to be short-lived as milder conditions have been forecast from next week.

Mr Claydon said: “Early indications are that by the beginning of next week there will be some milder air in from the west, so milder air and potentially a wetter weather.”

Although many Britons will have to wait to see their first proper snow flurries of this winter, Mr Claydon stressed the weather for this time of year is “highly variable,” so forecasts could change quickly.

Mr Claydon said: “At this time of year you’ve got highly variable weather across the UK so it can change quite quickly.

But snow isn’t the biggest weather concern for the Met Office. It has issued two yellow warnings for strong winds from November 26 to November 27.

These warnings have been put in place across Scotland on Friday and for the rest of the UK on Saturday.

The strong blasts have the potential to turn into severe gales in the west.

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