Snow set to fall as freezing cold temperatures are to hit after frosty weekend

According to forecasters, snow is scheduled to hit parts of the UK next week following a sub-zero Arctic drop.

Maps for WXCharts show that temperatures are set to drop to sub-zero around January 31 and the first week of February is expected to see heavy snowfall.

On February 5 the mercury could plunge to as low as -10c in Scotland and there could be up to up 90cm of snow in the far north west of the UK.

In England there could be up to eight centimetres falling from the sky.

The arrival of a deep cold spell from the North Pole could also last several weeks.

This weekend, it will be cold and cloudy for many areas with high pressure but without severe sub-zero temperatures.

A chilly breeze will settle with regions as far south as Dorset expected to plummet to -7C in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Those living in Wales would experience the coldest night of winter yet, with temperatures plunging to -7C.

The Met Office has issued that they'll be storms ascending within the fortnight.

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said: "For most the winds are going to be light but there is likely to be a lot of cloud about.

"For most we will be staying above freezing thanks to that cloud. The thick cloud in the North West still bringing a bit of drizzle and rain for the Highland and the western isles, quite breezy here as well so that will keep the temperatures up here to 7C or 8C."

He continued: "Most towns or cities 2C or 3C and as I said some pockets of frost are still possible where the skies stay clear. And where the skies stay clear it should lead to some sunshine on Saturday morning but that will be in short supply."

Areas in the west will be hardest-hit it's believed.

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