Stena Line ferry tragedy probe takes sinister turn in new theory over deaths

A probe into an incident which took place on a Stena Line ferry has taken a chilling turn after police suggested a shocking theory.

The tragedy, previously believed to be centred on a heroic mother diving into raging Swedish waters to save her son, is now being investigated as a murder-suicide.

Swedish police looking into the circumstances around that incident that happened on Friday have now changed their theory about what could have happened.

They believe that the mother may have deliberately jumped overboard with her son.

The new decision to treat the incident as a potential murder-suicide has sent shockwaves through fellow passengers as the mystery deepens.

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The mother and son who went overboard have so far only been identified by their first names, Paulina, 36, and her son Lech.

The pair, both from Grudziadzt, Poland, were on the Stena Spirit ferry as it travelled from Gydnia, Poland, to the Swedish port of Karlskrona when the tragedy occurred.

After they fell in, an enormous search and rescue operation was launched with NATO aircraft called in to assist.

The mother and son were found and airlifted to a hospital, but they couldn’t be saved and both died.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, it had been reported that the mother had dived into the sea to save her son.

However, this changed when eyewitnesses who saw them just before the tragedy happened described Paulina as “tired” and “depressed”.

Beata, a fellow passenger, told Fakt: “I remember thinking it was unusual to have such a big baby in a stroller, but the boy may have been disabled in some way.

“She looked tired, depressed. Her body language was so… I was walking past her. Now I wish I had asked her any questions, made contact, anything.”

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Beata added: “I didn’t get the immediate impression that she needed help, but it would be better if I stayed by her side. But it was cold and I hid below deck.”

The investigation has been led by Swedish police with Polish colleagues assisting as they try to piece together what happened.

According to the Swedish Police’s Thomas Johansson, there were several circumstances described by both the ferry’s crew and passengers alongside CCTV, and identification of the victims, that allowed them to treat the incident as a murder case.

Mr Johansson told Fakt: “I would like to emphasise that there is no suspect and we do not intend to charge anyone.”

When Mr Johansson was asked if the reason for the lack of charging was because the mother was dead, he reportedly cut the conversation short.

Mr Johansson said he could not answer. The investigation continues.

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