Stomach-churning YouTube video shows sicko feeding live dogs to crocodiles

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A disturbing YouTube video that has gone viral is showing sickos feeding alive dogs to crocodiles.

The stomach-churning video is a compilation of clips showing the poor pups being filmed in croc-infested waters, while humans just look on without helping them, while in one case they even push them in.

The video titled – Crocodile Attacks 2021 Latest crocodiles live feeding only, #animals which was posted by the YouTube channel – PETS & ANIMALS #TRAILERS – has received nearly 250,000 views, along with 1,200 likes and zero dislikes.

In the first clip two dogs can be seen on the edge of the water being pushed in by a man holding a stick.

One poor pooch loses its footing and falls into the water before being quickly snapped up by the lurking croc.

Although the dog tries to fight off the massive reptile, it is all in vain as the crocodile wraps its humongous jaws around the animal and drags it underwater, never to be seen again.

In the second clip, a dog can be seen swimming in a river seemingly unaware that a crocodile is slowly making its way towards it.

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Despite the pup eventually noticing the huge predator, it is not fast enough to escape and quickly gets caught by the croc, which drags it underwater to finish it off.

From the video, it is not clear if the filmer was aware of the crocodile or why they had let them go into the water.

Neither of the clips show any of the people's face and no voices are heard, making it very difficult for the authorities to identify the perpetrators responsible for these nauseating scenes.

The Daily Star has contacted the YouTube channel PETS & ANIMALS #TRAILERS for comment.

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