Storm Barra weather warning with exact times well face severe 70mph winds

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The 70 miles-per-hour winds of storm Barra are set to rip across the UK this week, with the Met Office having issued yellow warnings across the majority of the country.

There is expected to be some disruption to travel and the potential for losses of power, with coastal areas likely to experience sea spray and large waves.

The Met Office has noted that ferries and rail transport could also be impacted, with high-sided vehicles likely to be delayed.

The yellow weather warning comes into place tomorrow (Tuesday 7 December) at 9am and will remain until 11:59pm, with it carrying on for some parts of the country into Wednesday.

What has the Met Office said about Storm Barra?

A Met office spokesperson said: "A deep area of low pressure moving in across the UK from the Atlantic is likely to bring high winds to many parts of the UK.

"Strong winds arriving into the west through the morning, spreading inland and reaching eastern areas through the afternoon and early evening.

"Gusts of 45-50 mph are expected widely, with 60-70 mph in exposed coastal locations.

"Strongest winds will ease across inland areas into the overnight period."

The exact times UK cities will be facing 70mph Storm Barra winds

Read on for the exact times the storm is forecast to hit different parts of the country on Tuesday, December 7, 2021.


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Edinburgh is expected to miss the worst of the wind, with high speeds of 22mph expected at around 5pm, although gusts are expected of up to 40mph.

Rain is expected for much of the afternoon, although later into the evening there is also the chance of some snow.


Stormy conditions are likely to miss Inverness, with high winds only reaching 21mph with gusts of 35mph expected at 11pm on Tuesday night.

There is also some chance of some rain into the evening.

Northern Ireland

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Belfast too will miss the worst of it, but there are 50mph gusts expected at 12am and rain is anticipated for much of the day.

When it isn't gusting winds are expected to be a lot more mild, peaking at 23mph at 11am.


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Heavy rain is expected in Cardiff tomorrow from around 11am, along with winds gusting at 42mph.

The day's winds are likely to be strongest at midday with speeds of 24mph and gusts of 44mph. These firm breezes will continue for much of the day and in to Wednesday.


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Manchester is expecting similar conditions, with gusts peaking at 42mph at around 2pm on Tuesday with heavy rain expected across the middle of the day.

Wind speeds will be in the high teens and low twenties for much of the day and will be accompanied by low temperatures dipping into the negatives.


Londoners will need to watch out as gusts of wind peaking at 39mph will be present at around 4pm. Winds are expected to reach highs of 19mph at the same time.

Heavy rain is forecast for much of the afternoon, but despite freezing temperatures in the morning it is expected to heat up to highs of 3C throughout the day.


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Newcastle is expected to face tougher conditions, with peak gusts expected at around 11am reaching 59mph and likely to linger into the afternoon.

Regular windspeeds will peak at 32mph and will be accompanied by negative temperatures in the morning giving way to a slight rise to around 3C with rain expected through the day.


Despite not seeing the peaks of other parts of the country, Plymouth is expected to experience firm winds for an extended period.

Strong gusts of 31mph are expected at 6am on Tuesday morning and will continue on to the same time on Thursday. They are expected to peak at 50mph at 11am on Tuesday.

Rain across much of Tuesday morning is expected, along with windspeeds peaking at 30mph at 11am.

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