Street sweeping season underway in Denver on Friday

Street sweeping season in Denver starts Friday, and vehicle owners must comply with posted parking restrictions or face a fine. So, move your vehicle if warranted.

Residential seasonal street sweeping season runs April through November in the city.

“Street sweeping keeps dirt and debris out of our air and water and prevents the clogging of storm sewer inlets that can create localized flooding issues,” officials said on the city’s website.

Department of Transportation and Infrastructure officials urge residents to move their cars, according to posted guidelines, so street sweepers can effectively and safely remove dirt and debris. Drivers and bicyclists are asked to give street sweepers plenty of distance and space.

In 2021, crews swept 133,039 lane miles — collecting 52,393 cubic yards of dirt and debris, according to Denver officials.

Violators of street sweeping parking directives face a $50 fine.


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