Stripper turned worlds biggest bodybuilder unrecognisable from scrawny youth

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    A man who claims to be the 'world's biggest bodybuilder' has opened up about his stripper past and how he transformed from a scrawny teen to a muscle-bound machine.

    Craig Golias, from California, USA, is known for his impressive build, but he didn't always boast such a muscular physique – and he revealed that his smaller body used to get him down.

    "I got into bodybuilding cause I was skinny and had low self-esteem, so at the age of 19 I started training," Craig told the Daily Star.

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    "The muscle came packing very fast!"

    Before he made bodybuilding his full-time pursuit, Craig dabbled in a number of careers after he found himself homeless at a young age.

    He has attempted everything from singing in metal bands to male stripping, but gave it all up to concentrate on packing on the muscle.

    "I [was a stripper] from age 19 to 23," he recalled. "I quit it to take bodybuilding more seriously.

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    "Before bodybuilding, I was a musician. I was the singer in many metal bands in the Cleveland area.

    "Once my last band broke up, that’s when I decided to move to California and make bodybuilding my main passion."

    Craig has always been upfront about his past, and hopes that by sharing it he can inspire others to change their lives.

    He regularly discusses how he came to become a stripper in interviews after finding himself out on the street as a teenager before he decided to turn his life around.

    He previously told bodybuilding YouTube channel Generation Iron Fitness: "After three weeks of [homelessness] I was like, ‘this isn’t for me, I don’t want to live my life like this.'"

    While living out of his car in Cleveland, he managed to get three jobs in one day – one working for Pepsi, one as a bouncer, and one as a male stripper on Saturday nights.

    "It was awesome, I felt like a new person," he continued.

    He called his stripping job "easy" and said he let girls touch his chest to earn cash, which allowed him to save up and buy a Mustang convertible.

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    Now's goal is to get as "big as possible" and to help others.

    The muscleman uses Instagram, where he boasts a million followers, and YouTube to inspire his fans to live healthily and achieve their bodybuilding gains.

    When asked what advice he had for wannabe bodybuilders, Craig told the Star: "Just always be hungry and never satisfied!

    "Push the envelope as much as possible and never give up!"


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