Sugar Daddy gynaecologist suspended for carrying out STI check on date

A gynaecologist was suspended for three months after he performed a sexually transmitted infection test during a date with a woman he met on a 'sugar daddies' website.

Dr Naylin Appanna was found guilty of professional misconduct and controversy regarding his suspension has been much talked about with some doctors questioning whether he should be struck off.

A gynaecologist, who did not want to be named, said Appanna displayed the behaviour of a "predator" and his particular case warranted "cancellation".

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They said: “This did not appear to be one of those situations. Perhaps if it was such a case, suspension would be enough.

“But this kind of case should attract cancellation in my view, because it wasn’t an inappropriate relationship that began in the context of a physician-patient relationship.”

The gynaecologist went on to say that Appanna found a vulnerable woman online through the website and gave her drugs.

They said: "In my view, this is the behaviour of a predator, not a physician. In my opinion, a doctor who accepts the facts of this case could not be happy to claim such a person as a colleague.

“He would not be someone you’d trust looking after your family member. I think that our regulators have failed in their role of upholding the reputation of the profession here."

The Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal [HPDT] ordered Appanna's suspension late last year and compared his conduct in his situation to cases where a medical practitioner treated someone they were close to.

The tribunal said aggravating features included Appanna using his position as a gynaecologist to obtain Ms J’s health records.

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The tribunal also stated that Appanna should have realised his position as a doctor who could adequately help Ms J would have been a situation that made her vulnerable.

The gynaecologist was also found to have lied to the Professional Conduct Committee [PCC] when he said he had not given Ms J’s contact details to a reporter which the tribunal said warranted a 12-month suspension.

They said the potential year-long suspension would “make it clear to Dr Appanna and the profession that behaviour such as his will not be tolerated”.

However, due to the fact that it had been three years since the incident, the tribunal decided to reduce the suspension to three months.

Despite the reduce in suspension, Appanna is required to undergo supervision for 12 months should he resume practice.


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