Sunshine, the Butterfly Pavilions resident red-footed tortoise, has died

The Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster announced Monday that Sunshine, the attraction’s resident red-footed tortoise, had died.

The tortoise was believed to have been 45 years old, having spent the last two decades in the pavilion’s Wings of the Tropics conservatory.

Sunshine had shown a “steep decline in health and quality of life” over the past few months, and was not responding to medical treatment, the Butterfly Pavilion wrote in a Facebook post. The tortoise was euthanized on Friday following recommendations from its veterinary team.

The Butterfly Pavilion released the following statement:

“In her long life, Sunshine got to meet so many people – and everyone who got to meet Sunshine fell instantly in love. She was full of charisma and could often be found snuggling under the warm basking lights of her house with the large hermit crabs who live in Wings of the Tropics. She also enjoyed her daily walks around the tropical rainforest, where she foraged for her favorite snack, hibiscus flowers. She delighted many of us with an unforgettable happy dance when receiving shell scratches and warm baths. Sunshine was a beloved member of Butterfly Pavilion and will be missed by every guest, volunteer, intern, and staff member who spent time with her.”

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