Surgeon allegedly botched patients in horror procedures and left them disfigured

A glam plastic surgeon is being investigated after her patients accused her of leaving them "disfigured" after "nightmare" operations in Brazil.

Milena Carvalho, who works in a clinic in Lago Sul, carried out horror procedures that left clients "psychologically shaken" and reportedly told one of them it was her fault for being fat.

The Civil Police of the Federal District said they are looking into complaints after at least three patients claimed they were left disfigured, with one of them even needing a blood transfusion and another loosing part of her right breast.

Authorities started investigations on November 24, after her patients alleged she was negligent in the postoperative period and medical malpractice.

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One patient said that after undergoing a tummy tuck and liposuction at the surgeon's hands, she was hospitalised for 12 days, of which she spent eight in intensive care.

Her medical report stated she had necrosis in the lower abdomen and the beginning of a generalised infection.

The unnamed woman who was hospitalised said she paid £4,050 for the procedure, which was carried out on July 1.

The patient told news portal G1: "My surgery lasted eight hours and I was discharged 24 hours later, even with this complication.

"On 12th July, the incision opened and a liquid with a strong odour began to come out, looking like something infected."

She said she got in touch again with the surgeon, who again told her the reaction was normal during the recovery process and asked her not to go to A&E.

The patient's condition worsened and she contacted the surgeon yet again.

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However, Dr Carvalho was not in town at the time and referred her to another professional, who sent her straight away to hospital, where she had to undergo a blood transfusion and two operations.

The patient said: "I was very psychologically shaken. The doctor even said that these complications were my fault, because, according to her, I was obese."

She is currently undergoing psychological counselling and will need to undergo another operation to reconstruct her abdomen.

Another patient, who paid £1,750 for a breast lift and breast enlargement in November last year suffered necrosis and lost part of her right breast and areola.

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She said: "It was supposed to be a dream come true, but it ended up turning into a nightmare. The doctor didn't provide any kind of assistance after the surgery."

A third patient underwent mammoplasty and liposuction and was hospitalised for 30 days after her stitches opened several times, which had to be redone, and she developed a hospital bacterial infection.

Dr Carvalho, who has been registered by the Regional Medical Board for 10 years, denied the claims and said she "follows strict care protocols and monitors her patients before, during and after the procedures".

She iterated her willingness to cooperate with the authorities as the investigation continues.

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