Tairua boat rage: Woman accused of assault with an oar appears in court

A woman accused of striking a man with an oar during a boat rage incident in Tairua has appeared in court.

Catherine Browning, 52,appeared in the Thames District Court on a charge of assault today after an incident in the small beachside town on January 23.

The incident was filmed and put on social media and allegedly saw another man ram another boat with his dinghy, before a woman is accused of swinging the oar towards the man after wading into the water.

She did not seek name suppression and the court was told she planned to seek diversion.

Browning was remanded on bail and left the courthouse wearing a black hoodie and a mask and flanked by supporters.

Under the diversion scheme if the offender completes agreed conditions the charge is withdrawn and a conviction will not be recorded.

Browning is the deputy principal at Tairua School and was asked by the school’sboard of trustees to explain her behaviour.

Meanwhile, a 58-year-old man also involved and charged in connection with the incident is due to reappear in the Hamilton District Court this month.

He has been charged with assault and operating a vessel dangerously.

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