Taiwan demands China to halt drones in fresh threat

Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin on defending Taiwan

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Taiwan has been bolstered by the unwavering support of the United States who have vowed to defend Taiwan in the event of attack from China. The island is now threatening to destroy Chinese drones which may enter its airspace which it would see as a direct attack on its sovereignty and therefore the beginning of war.

Taiwan warned that in such an event, Beijing would be firing “the first shot” in the ensuing conflict.

Chiu Kuo-cheng, the defence minister for Taiwan told parliament: “We will first sound warnings and lock the target before it approaches the island.

“If the aircraft should ignore the warning, Taiwan must defend itself.”

The minister added: “Given that there is the first shot, we must respond, and a war will be declared after the counterattack.”

During the session in Parliament, the defence minister was repeatedly asked if war would be declared.

He replied: “Yes, and the situation will be very grave.

“That is why the military has been showing great restraint not to fire any shot.”

Tensions between China and Taiwan have increased following a visit from the US Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi to the island against China’s warnings.

The visit reiterated the allyship between the United States and Taiwan with Pelosi being the most senior American politician to visit Taipei.

Since her visit, more officials from America have also visited and China’s People’s Liberation Army immediately retaliated.

Drills were ramped up in the region and China flew drones over Taiwanese territory for the first-time following Pelosi’s trip.

In preparation for a potential attack from China, Taiwan has strengthened its anti-drone defences after images were released from China of Taiwanese soldiers using stones in an attempt to destroy Chinese drones in the summer.

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With Chinese President Xi Jinping expected to be reaffirmed as Party Leader and military chief for the next five years, he will continue in his attempts to take Taiwan.

his vow to seize what it sees as Chinese territory by force in order to achieve unification.

President Xi previously vowed to achieve national reunification by 2050 after seeing Taiwan as Chinese territory.

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