Tattoo fan who spent £20k covering body gets lips inked to feel more confident

A tattoo enthusiast who's spent £20,000 and 300 hours covering the vast majority of her body in art says she feels “more confident than ever” after getting her lips inked.

Bethany Moore, 27, was always intrigued by tattoos but didn’t think about getting one until she was 18.

Over the past decade, the part-time barber has devoted time and money to covering herself in ink, but her lips remained natural – until now.

Bethany, from Heathfield, East Sussex, wanted to make her lips fuller but wanted to avoid getting an injection.

So, she looked to her favourite interest and decided to get them tattooed instead, with a procedure that isn’t yet considered mainstream, but that she believes is growing in popularity.

The 27-year-old explained that the process of getting your lips inked is similar to that for other body parts.

She told the Daily Star: “You go to a tattoo artist and they use the same type of needle as they do with other body parts.

“The artist goes above your natural lip line with a natural colour, giving your lips the illusion of looking fuller and bigger.

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“The needle however doesn’t go as deep as it does on other body parts, that’s why they’re semi-permanent”.

Although the procedure is nearly identical to that of any other tattoo, lip tattoos look "perfect" for about a year, before you have to think about getting them touched up again.

Due to fact that lips are positioned on a person's faces, getting them inked is a delicate procedure that takes a long time and you have to make sure you find the right tattoo artist.

Bethany explained: “They have to be absolutely perfect because they have to be symmetrical and you can’t hide them – they’re on your face.

“That’s why they take so long to do, it took me three hours, because it’s so precise.

“It’s also imperative you find the right artist, that’s why I went to Inez, she was absolutely perfect.”

Bethany, who also works as a content creator, added that one of the big benefits of getting her lips tattooed was that it makes her mornings easier, as she spends less time having to apply her make-up.

She mentioned how happy she is with the end result, stating: “I’m very happy with them, everyone has been complimenting me about them.

“All my tattoos have helped me feel really content and confident in my body and every tattoo I add just makes that feeling grow.

“I’m eager to get my left leg done at some point this year too, it’s the last big body part that I haven’t done yet and after that I’d like to get my feet and the palms of my hands done.”

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