Teacher paralysed after 20ft fall from balcony that collapsed as she took selfie

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A British teacher has been left paralysed after a balcony collapsed as she tried to take a selfie and left her plummeting 20ft to the ground in Thailand.

Jill Dodds, originally from Morpeth, Northumberland, has been working in Thailand for six years and was tragically injured celebrating the end of the current term.

The 47-year-old lent on the fence of the balcony to take a selfie but the structure gave way and sent her falling to the ground below.

Jill suffered serious spinal injuries as a result of a crushed vertebra and another being fractured.

Another person was also injured but only suffered a broken collar bone, according to reports.

The results of Jill’s devastating injuries have meant she is unable to move her legs, hands or fingers.

Speaking to the Sun, Gill’s sister Katie Breeze said: "As they lent on the fence, the fence gave way, another person fell and broke her collarbone and Jill was seriously hurt.

"She fell about 20 feet down damaging two of her vertebrae. One was crushed and one was fractured.

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"She has no mobility from the waist down, no feeling in her legs, she can't use her hands, she can't move her wrists.

"She can't hold anything, she has to be spoon-fed and she needs a straw to drink but she can talk and move her head."

Jill currently needs full-time care and her family are now trying to raise money to be able to bring her home to the UK.

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Her health insurance covered her trip in the ambulance and a stay in intensive care at a private hospital.

However, she is now being kept in a government hospital where she has had metal rods inserted to take pressure off her nerves.

Doctors originally told the family it could take two years before Jill could walk again but the family now say they just don’t know.

A friend of the family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to bring Jill home for her rehabilitation.

To learn more and to donate to the family’s fundraising campaign, click here.

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