Teacher sacked for racy pics told to stop showing off nude in neighbours note

A former teacher who was sacked over racy social media pictures has been blasted by a neighbour who left her an angry note because she "shows off" with very little clothing in her back yard.

Elis Nesbsniak, who also works as a DJ, had been working at a private nursery school in Curitiba, southern Brazil, for five years before she was fired over sexual social media posts.

She then turned to OnlyFans to plug the income gap, and claims she now earns 30 times more than she did.

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But her success hasn't come without its detractors, as she revealed on her Instagram this week. Elis shared a picture of a note she says she received from her neighbour.

"Neighbour, would you please stop showing off without your clothes on in your window? No one is forced to watch (…). Thank you," the message read.

Elis responded that she wasn't going to change for her neighbour.

“I was in shock, but I'm not going to change or do what she wants. I'm inside my house, wearing a regular bikini that any woman would wear to the beach or pool. If her husband spies on me, it's her problem and not mine," she said.

The OnlyFans star said the woman is clearly jealous.

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“I spent a whole afternoon practically doing a bikini rehearsal, that could be it. But I'm calm, I didn't provoke or show off to anyone. This is yummyphobia. By the way, again tastyphobia. It's an envious, prejudiced, ugly and insecure woman thing," she said.

Elis previously spoke about her sacking, telling local media she was always "modest" while working at the nursery.

She said: "It was a nursery school and I had always worked by the rules, including being in uniform. At work, I showed a serious attitude and I was completely modest. There was no reason to sack me. It was a shock, I experienced prejudice first-hand.

"Management said that I didn't fit in with the school's conduct. I felt so bad that I just wanted to distance myself from the school and those people. I became depressed."

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