Teaching assistant, 28, told toddler to bash animals on barbaric family hunt

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A teaching assistant sickeningly told a toddler to "bash" animals in a bid to try and "kill" them on a bloodthirsty family day out, horror footage has shown.

Paris Jade Carding, 28, decided to encourage a two-year-old to end the life of innocent badgers and foxes while the child was under her care.

The former TA appeared in a staggering 32 video clips which featured "shocking and horrendous" incidents of animal cruelty in Wythenshawe, Manchester.

In footage obtained by the RSPCA and Cheshire Police, Carding can be heard saying: ''There it is, it’s a pig [badger] isn’t it. Bash, bash it, ooh, it’s biting’.”

Her boyfriend, Grant Leigh Jnr, 30, was found guilty of wildlife offences after showing the toddler how to hit a badger with a spade.

In another clip, Carding persuaded the toddler to get a lurcher dog to attack a badger sett saying: ''Her face is going to be smashed. Good boy, get him out. Look at them fighting.''

She further baited three dogs into ''pulling a fox to pieces", reports Manchester Evening News.

Inquiries revealed she had been joined on the "barbaric" family expedition by her boyfriend and his ex-huntsman father, Grant Leigh Snr, 52, from Tameside.

One picture showed Grant Jr holding a dead fox with a child accompanied by the caption: ''Family day out, learn these kids young. Hunting mad!''

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The joint investigation began in October 2020 after a police wildlife crime officer was tipped off about a private Facebook group administrated by Grant Sr: "The Real Terrier Men and Lurcher Men."

The group showed photos and videos of illegal fox hunting and badger baiting.

He used the group to boast about taking his son badger baiting as a way of celebrating his recent prison release.

Following an investigation, officers traced the three suspects and seized seven dogs including two Lurchers and two Patterdale terriers – many of which had tell tale injuries consistent with ''hunting activities.''

Six of the injured hounds were rescued from dirty and squalid kennels at the rear of Grant Sr's home in Hyde. The seventh was found at Carding's home.

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RPSCA prosecutor Hazel Stevens said: “The fact a two-year-old child was being encouraged to join in can only be described as barbaric.

“This is a family affair and as they call it on Facebook, it is a family day out where they went to hunt and kill foxes and badgers."

Grant Sr was found guilty of two offences under the Animal Welfare Act.

RSPCA investigator Kirsty Withnall told the court that Grant Jr was involved in the buying and selling of dogs but Grant Sr had taken over on behalf of his son.

An independent vet who attended the scene during the investigation said in his report that the kennels were "unhygienic" and described many of the dogs as having "mature scars."

Carding was found guilty of five cruelty charges under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 at Tameside Magistrates' Court.

District Judge Bernard Begley told Carding: ''You were filming what was occurring as a perverse memento to keep or show.

''This was truly the most abhorrent of family days out and I struggle to believe what you have done.

"The reality is, you have no answer to the overwhelming evidence of your presence.

“You were there for the purpose of filming what was happening which glamorised the carnage you were causing.''

The case was adjourned and all three will be sentenced on March 9.

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