Teen forced to have exs name tattooed on face and chest gets help to remove it

A teen who was forced to have her ex-boyfriend's name tattooed on her face and her breasts is set to have it removed.

Tayane Caldas, 18, was kidnapped by her former beau Gabriel Henrique Alves Coelho while she was on her way to a class in Taubate, Brazil, last Friday (May 20).

She was forced into a car and taken to his home against her will, where she was beaten and forcibly branded in apparent revenge for their breakup.

When she returned home the next day covered in bruises and with her face tattooed with her ex's name, her mum called the police.

Coelho was arrested for bodily harm and breaching his restraining order which had been issued after he tattooed his name onto her breast and bikini line in a previous incident.

He may also be charged with other crimes, such as torture and false imprisonment.

Her mum Debora Velloso said: "We're in a lot of pain because of everything that has happened and to have someone to count on has been important.

"She will now have the support of professionals. My daughter wants to resume her life."

She added: "We are surprised by the messages of affection and so many people trying to help.

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"We've managed the most important thing, which is to get that thing off her face; we're still working out the details, but we don't even have the words to thank people for their generosity."

Coelho is currently in preventive custody and is claiming that the tattoo was consensual.

He showed the police a video of Caldas apparently consenting to the inking, but the cops believe it was made under duress, with the investigation still ongoing.

The suspect's father, who was not named in reports but who is a public servant, is also under investigation over reports he may have been involved in the kidnapping.

He told the police he did not agree with his son's actions but said the facial tattoo was consented to.

He confirmed that he was behind the wheel of the car that took the girl away but claimed it was not done against her will.

The former couple had been dating for two years, since she was 16.

The relationship started off well, but Coelho soon became possessive and then aggressive, with Caldas eventually breaking up with him.

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