Terrified family find 6 foot crocodile squatting in bathroom toilet

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    A family was left stunned after a man went to the loo to find their toilet was already occupied by a huge crocodile.

    Udaysinh Bhikhabhai Rathod was forced to wait for the six-foot long beast to finish before he could use the washroom of his house in Kharkuva, India.

    The huge croc is suspected to have emerged from a nearby pond to make its trip to the bathroom before shocked villagers flocked to see the animal in action.

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    Rathod told the Times of India: "The Vandevad talav which is the backyard of our area does not have a protection wall.

    “It is known for having a good population of crocodiles.

    “So, at times, crocodiles sneak out from the pond and enter into our village."

    A team of brave rescuers raced to capture the wild crocodile before it could wreak havoc and used a rope to pull it into a cage and take it away.

    After checking on its health, the officials plan to return the animal to its natural habitat in the nearby wetlands.

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    They explained: "After we were informed by the locals, we reached the spot to capture the crocodile.

    “We have rescued the crocodile and after checking its condition, it will be released in its natural habitat as per the norms.”

    The spokesperson said they are used to pesky crocs venturing into the town and added: “Villages of Sojitra are known for being heaven for crocodiles. They have a healthy population of crocodiles.

    “So, whenever we get such calls, we come to rescue the reptiles and they are later released in their natural habitats."

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