‘The pawfect disguise’ Crafty tenant’s Pomeranian hiding place ahead of landlord visit

Mocha the Pomeranian lives alongside her owners in Melbourne, Australia, where the TikTok famous dog has over 11 million followers on the video sharing site. In a clip captioned: “The landlord is coming over for an inspection and we aren’t allowed pets” viewers watch the camera slowly pan around the bedroom.

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At first there appears to be no sign of any animals living there, other than several images and a pillow of the popular tiny black and tan dog around the room.

The camera then slowly stops on a suspicious looking wooden vase on the floor, which then zooms in for a closer look.

It is then revealed that Mocha is sitting in the pot disguised as a fluffy looking plant with a daisy crown perched on her head.

Since posting the footage to their TikTok account @mochapom, the funny video has been watched 2.4 million times.

Over one thousand comments were left sharing their reaction to Mocha going incognito, with one person describing it as: “The pawfect disguise.”

Another TikTok user jokingly commented: “I can’t see anything, I can only see a plant, what are you guys talking about?”

Others also shared similar scenarios of their attempts to keep their pets hidden during unexpected visits from their landlords.


Imposter Mocha

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One person explained: “Lol when the building manager came to my daughter’s apartment all cat stuff was hidden and my grandson put the kitten under the blanket.”

Another dog owner shared: “Too cute. I just hid my pitbull under a bunch of laundry in my closet. Despite all the noise the landlord made, my baby stayed quiet until she left.”

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