They dont want to leave Kyiv mayor says Ukrainian residents want to defend city

Ukraine: Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko says 'everyone is angry'

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Mr Klitschko made comments to a swarm of journalists on the ground in Kyiv after another day of warfare. The Mayor seemed rather positive as he explained that, despite the vicious attacks on the capital by Russian troops, residents still wanted to stay and fight back. Reports have claimed that Russian President Putin had planned to take Kyiv in two days, but nearly three weeks into the assault on Ukraine, Russian servicemen are still trying. Mr Kiltschko discussed how angry locals were getting about the persistent attacks on the Kyiv community, as Russian soldiers continued to harm civilians.

Mr Klitschko said: “Right now everyone is angry, I talked to the people, they don’t want to leave.

“In this activity brings much more energy to everyone and everyone understand and doesn’t want to leave.

“We want to defend, defend our city.

“Talk to the people, it’s not disappoint… They’re really upset with what Russian soldiers do with civilians.

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Mr Kiltschko added: “But everyone… I talked to the people.

“Simple people, instead to make a recreation to the West of Ukraine.

“They ask about the weapons and all, we’re ready to be interior defence, defend our house.”

Despite many Ukrainians staying back to fight in major cities like Kyiv, their Government called on foreign fighters to join Ukraine’s “Foreign Legion.”

The legion has been promoted by President Zelensky and many political figures who have tried to encourage military-aged men to go and fight to help save Ukraine.

Military Expert: Russia forced to end war ‘within 10 days’

Vladimir Putin has threatened nuclear warfare on the country that interferes with his invasion, so UK Government officials have been warning against Brits going to Ukraine to help with active combat on the ground.

Transport Secretary Mr Shapps said: “You cannot go and fight if you’re in the British Army, you cannot just get up and go and fight.

“Of course, that’s inappropriate behaviour and you would expect the army to have some very, very strict rules in place, as they do.”

Mr Shapps added: “There’s a big difference between Britain sending its army in and some people who are breaking with our law and going to do it.

“But, clearly, this is a dangerous situation. And clearly, we want to make sure that the assistance we’re providing is done in an official way – like the anti-tank missiles that we provided prior to and during this conflict, and like the 22,000 Ukrainians that we’ve trained.”

the latest  UK Government announcement on new economic sanctions for Russia consists of an export ban of various luxury goods coming into Russia.

And also includes an increase in import tariffs on a range of other goods, one of which is vodka.

A spokesman said: “The UK Government has today announced a ban on exports to Russia of high-end luxury goods, while also hitting hundreds of key products with new import tariffs that represent a 35 percentage point hike on current rates.

“Russian vodka is one of the iconic products affected by the tariff increases, while the export ban will likely affect luxury vehicles, high-end fashion and works of art.

“The measures will cause maximum harm to Putin’s war machine while minimising the impact on UK businesses as G7 leaders unite to unleash a fresh wave of economic sanctions on Moscow.”

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