‘This is already WW3 Putins mouthpiece makes eerie call for demilitarisation of NATO

Ukraine: This is 'already World War 3' says Russian host

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Russian state TV’s Olga Skabeyeva claimed that the Russian invasion of Ukraine would “have been accomplished a long time ago” had it not been for NATO. Ms Skabeyeva said that unless Russia responds to NATO more aggressively and stops Western forces sending long-range weapons to Ukraine, “our task will be more difficult”. It comes as the US pledged to send more offensive military aid to Ukraine yesterday. 

The Russian state media host said: “We’re not exaggerating the usefulness of that Western, American, British or whatever weaponry. 

“Simply, we were previously demilitarising Ukraine and that mission would have been accomplished a long time ago. 

“Now, we’ll have to demilitarise all of NATO. I’ve already said this several times and then people gasp in shock. 

“But in any case this is already called World War 3. New weaponry is arriving. 

“Yesterday [Anthony] Blinken said that as the situation on the front changes ‘we will somehow adjust our military aid. We’ll deliver long-range weaponry. 

“That will in any case make our task more difficult and prolong the Americans’ pleasure.” 

The US announced yesterday that they would be sending long-range missiles to Ukraine after weeks of shying away from the move. 

US President Joe Biden had expressed concern that Ukraine could use longer range weapons to bomb Russian territory beyond the scope of the conflict. 

But following assurances from Kyiv that Russia would not be targeted, the US relented on Wednesday and promised four M142 HIMARS missiles. 

The weapons can reach targets up to 45 miles away and are believed to be more accurate than their Russian equivalents. 

As Putin’s forces tear through the Donbas region and continue to incessantly shell the city of Severodonetsk in a bid to claim the entire Luhanks area, the US announced their new approach to military aid to bolster Ukraine’s defence. 

Undersecretary for US Defence Dr Colin H Kahl said yesterday of the new weapons packages: “These are precision-guided systems with extended range. 

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“And so for high-value targets that allow them to keep some of the pressure off of Ukrainian forces on the front, we think these systems will be very useful.” 

A host of Russian voices have spoken out against the new military aid, including Russian TV commentators and official aides. 

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the US was “intentionally adding fuel to the fire” by sending the missiles. 

He added: “Such supplies do not contribute to the Ukrainian leadership’s willingness to resume peace negotiations.” 

And Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov suggested Mr Biden’s announcement increased the risk of a “third country” being dragged into the conflict.

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