Tiny Elle Brooke discovers shes boxing tall blonde beauty in next bout in April

OnlyFans' Elle Brooke who stands at a tiny 5ft 1in was towered by her newly-announced boxing rival who also turns out to be a blonde beauty – but much taller.

The KingPyn High Stakes tournament announced its first round of female pairings on YouTube, with Elle set to fight Polish influencer Ms. Ola Danielka.

The live stream featured on Elle's official YouTube channel saw the group of four female fighters split in 'Pool A' randomly draw their opponents.

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Fate chose Danielka, a.k.a Aleksandra Daniel, as Elle's opponent, and the two blonde bombshells will combat in the tournament's quarter final at London's OVO Wembley Arena on April 22.

Daniel was a contestant on the third series of Love Island Poland while studying as a journalism student in her home country.

Tipped as "the one to beat", Elle is the most experienced fighter in the ring, with a feisty attitude to match.

When introduced to her opponent, Elle taunted: "I like the challenge. You're beautiful, but I wouldn't mind smashing your face in."

The face-off between the social media personalities quickly went from menacing glares to giggles and a hug, showcasing their "mega" height discrepancy.

The Polish princess responded "Elle is really small but it's still a challenge. [I] will show that Poland is the best, and Polish fighters are the best fighters in the world".

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"I'm 5'1, I'm always gonna be the shorter woman," admitted Elle.

"But I've always been prepping to spar someone taller. She's a lot slimmer build so hopefully she's a lot less stronger and you can just bully her in the ring," the OnlyFans star added.

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The Kingpyn competition has been described as the "biggest influencer tournament on the planet", with all fighters fighting at every round.

The tournament features eight male and eight female boxers over three live events, in a bid "to find out who truly is the best influencer boxer".

Also fighting in the women's tournament are 6ar6ie6, Daniella Hemsley, Amber O'Donnell, Whitney Johns, Jully Poca, and the surprise announcement of Elle's sister, Emily Brooke.

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Despite the tough competition, Elle is confident in her abilities, commenting: "It's gonna be a challenge. I'm here to set out that I am the best pound for pound female influencer boxer and that's exactly what I'm gonna do [sic].

"I would like to have the hardest run in this tournament to prove that I am the biggest and I am the best.

"I'm gonna win. Does that make sense?"

The final announcement of pulls for the women's matches include:

6ar6ie x whitney johns

Elle Brooke x Ola Danielka

Daniella x Jully

Emily x Amber

Tickets for the KingPyn High Stakes semi final are on sale March 17.

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