Tiny kitten has to have part of tail amputated after getting trapped under sofa

A couple has been left devastated after their beloved cat was severely injured after becoming trapped in a reclining sofa.

Part of the poor kitten's tail had to be amputated after getting stuck in between the parts of a new couch.

The couple are now seeking compensation from Harvey Norman, where the sofa was purchased from.

On July 20, the couple heard their five-month-old kitten Luka crying after he had gotten stuck underneath the sofa.

In a letter seen by Newshub which the woman wrote to the retail company, it said: "My partner went over to the couch to look at what was happening. He could see Luka was trapped in between the moving parts of our new [couch].

"Our kitten [had become] stuck between the exposed moving parts of the couch, which has no protective covers to prevent accidents.

"My partner and I became very distressed by the site of our loved kitten trapped in the couch. We attempted to free him from the couch by using the control buttons, and had some luck getting his body out."

Becoming trapped had left a deep gouge in the kitten's tail.

After getting in contact with a local vet who came over to their house, they had sedated the kitten and freed him.

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However, the traumatised kitten has to have half of his tail amputated it was later claimed by the woman.

This, coupled with two surgeries costs around $5,000.

The pair, from New Zealand, are now seeking compensation for the bill and for the distress they have been caused.

In the letter, they wrote: "We are horrified with the poor design of the couch, which caused this accident to happen.

"[It has] traumatised our kitten, my partner and myself. If the couch mechanism had been guarded, our kitten would have not gained access to the mechanics of the couch and would not have been injured.

"Luka's recovery is estimated to take six to eight weeks where he will need to be confined to a crate to limit his movement. Meaning that he will miss out on playing, cuddles and being a kitten."

According to Newshub, Harvey Norman has reimbursed the couple as a "gesture of good faith".

"Harvey Norman was saddened to hear of the injuries to [the] kitten which occurred when a user activated the reclining mechanism on the Gaucho 3 Seater Powered Fabric Recliner Sofa and the kitten had managed to place itself in a precarious position," said a spokesperson.

"We must stress that the Sofa does not breach any standards and Harvey Norman has not committed any wrong. It is difficult to predict what an animal may do, and accidents may, unfortunately, happen with many products that are sold."

But speaking to the outlet, the couple says they are still seeking compensation and reimbursement for the vet bill.

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