To Have and to Hone

Handle these Artisan Revere knives with care. These two models are so sharp, you’ll need to keep them in their leather sheaths. David Olkovetsky, a former steel company analyst, went into the kitchen knife business with a team of like-minded partners because he was not satisfied with what was available. His knives, which took more than two years to create, are made in Idaho using aerospace-rated technology and superdurable Elmax vanadium steel. It’s a costly material that has been tested by the Cutlery & Allied Trades Research Association, an independent lab in Sheffield, England, and shown to be highly durable, resistant to nicks and dents, and able to retain a razor-fine edge better than most other high-carbon stainless knives. The chef’s knife, with a dramatic 8 ½-inch blade, full tang and comfortable, easily grasped handle, is a welcoming tool that feels lighter than it looks. The efficient paring knife, triangular like a mini-chef’s knife, has a 3 ½-inch blade. The handles are available in several colors.

Artisan Revere chef’s knife, $445, and paring knife, $195, sheath included; additional leather sheaths, $45 and $65 each, free domestic shipping,

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