Toddler wakes up parents who lost smell to Covid moments before house burns down

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A toddler from Texas is being hailed as a hero for waking his parents up and telling them their home was on fire before it was consumed by the flames.

Kayla and Nathan Dahl had lost their sense of smell due to having recently contracted Covid-19 and were not aware smoke was starting to fill their house — and their smoke detectors had failed.

Their son Brandon, 2, woke them both up with the words “Momma, hot! Momma, hot!”, Kayla told WFAA 8 News.

With this alert, the parents were able to evacuate the home with their five children and call the emergency services before any casualties took place.

“He saved our entire family,” Kayla said.

“I mean, he is our little mini hero.”

“We had brand new, less than a year old, smoke alarms in our house,” Nathan Dahl added.

“None of them went off.

“We had seconds,” he continued. “It’s nothing short of a miracle.”

Thankfully, Nathan Dahl is a volunteer with their local fire department so had a plan in place for when this emergency took place.

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“We’ve had a plan, This is how everything’s going to go” he told his family.

Their son Brandon was sleeping in the living room, where officials believed the fire was ignited by a gas heater. The boy then ran into his parent’s bedroom coughing and alerting them both around 4:30am.

“I just saw the flames coming out of our living room and into our bedroom,” Kayla Dahl said.

“She’s screaming, ‘Fire! Fire! Fire!'” Nathan Dahl said. “My initial thought was, ‘OK, I’m going to get up and I’m going to get to work.'”

The family managed to escape without any burns or injuries. Brandon was said to have some singed hairs on his head, says the family, but he remains unharmed.

Brandon is now being hailed as a hero in his local community near Dallas, Texas, for saving his family from harm.

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