Topless man rages at c*** cyclist after he catches man with phone at the wheel

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Bizarre video footage has emerged of a cyclist being accosted by a topless man who took particular umbrage to him filming a driver breaking the Highway Code.

Since driving regulations were changed in January, there has been an increase in altercations between vigilante cyclists and poor drivers.

In the clip shared by popular urban cyclist Mike van Erp, who's reported hundreds of drivers in the past, a driver can be seen using his phone.

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And in this latest episode, tensions exploded over boiling point with the man ‘shaking with rage’ over being caught by the Go-Pro’d cyclist.

Not one to miss out on the opportunity to chastise this dangerous behaviour, Mike can be heard telling the driver: “You can't be using your phone mate. You shouldn't be using your phone."

But before the driver can reply, a second man emerges topless from his Range Rover and attacks Erp, branding him a “f****ng c***.”

He then screamed: “How do you like to be on camera now Mikey.

"F***ing p****. We'll put your face all over the internet. F***ing c***."

In response, a flustered Erp is heard asking the driver: “Why are you shaking?”

Unwilling to answer, the topless driver responded by hitting Erp’s Go-Pro covered helmet.

Ever composed, Erp replied: “"You be careful doing that, because I’ll call the cops and you’ll be charged with assault.”

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Not one to be undermined, the angry Range Rover driver responded that he would beat up Erp.

He said: “I feel like smashing your face in for f***ing people over like that. F*** off. F***ing stupid c***."

Mikey Erp is a well-known figure in the cycling community through his YouTube page CyclingMikey.

He had previously claimed to have reported 358 drivers in a year in London.

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