Topless protesters strip down and hold anti-Valentines Day demonstration

Topless protesters stripped down and strutted their stuff on the streets of Madrid in a bid to put an end to Valentine's Day by baring their chests.

Feminist organisation Femen rejected the annual holiday with a risqué demonstration in Spain's capital, with slogans such as "love is not bought" painted across their breasts.

Jaw-dropping footage online shows the group of seven women pretending to be brides as they gatecrashed the romantic day by saying it "whitens abuse".

On Monday (February 14) afternoon, the activists marched topless with a red veil while leaving a trail of red roses on the floor, in tribute to female victims of male violence.

According to the organisation, since 2013, at least 1129 women have fallen victim to gender-based violence that has led to them being murdered in Spain, reports local media.

The semi-nude activists, who wore fitted jeans on their bottom half, claimed the "femicides were in all cases the same ones who one day told them Happy Valentine's Day."

Femen are best known for their topless demonstrations and have previously hit headlines for protesting against marriage agencies, sex tourism and sexism.

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Speaking about their protest on their website, the organisation said: "Every year a capitalist machine is set in motion that masks the reality of romantic love. The shop windows are filled with hearts, cherubs and messages that relate love with consumerism.

"For one day, capitalism covers with gifts physical and psychological abuse, sexual violence, gaslighting, femicide… Love cannot be bought.

"They insist on covering up control, jealousy, possessiveness, aggressiveness with chocolates, flowers and cards."

They added: "Who today gives you roses but the rest of the year mistreats you, tomorrow he murders you.

"Valentine's Day is a patriarchal and capitalist strategy to whitewash male abuse. From Femen we want to defend love free from ties, sexist stereotypes, control, jealousy and violence.

"We want true love, which does not come with a bow but with respect, equality and freedom that is shown every day of the year."

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