Tourist spots big-tailed Beast of Bodmin that didnt move like a normal cat

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    A tourist has had a terrifying encounter with a "wild creature" doubled the size of an average cat.

    Tom O'Shea, from Frome in Somerset, believed he caught the glimpse of the Beast of Bodmin Moor during his stay in St Neot, between Bodmin and Liskeard in Cornwall.

    "It didn't move like a usual cat, its tail had a life of its own," he told Cornwall Live.

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    In the footage, a black feline emerged from a hedgerow and having a stroll along a trek in the morning.

    Convinced that it's not one of the "normal cats" he'd seen in the past, this animal has a shiny black coat in with furry tail.

    Tom even showed the video to someone who has a knowledge of animals and concluded it is a jaguarundi — a medium-sized wild cat native to the Americas.

    "We were quite excited by this as they would certainly fit with past reports of the beast and we can attest to the creature we saw being roughly double the size of an average domestic cat with a much thicker and longer tail," he said.

    "That said, we did also see a number of rather wild-looking but definitely 'normal' cats wandering about the place during our stay.

    "What was really kind of distinctive about it is that it was definitely much longer than your average domestic cat and had really bizarre markings on it

    "It was really unusual and after a few seconds of looking at it straight on, it moved in a really unusual way as well. It didn't move like a usual cat."

    Despite that, viewers were not too convinced, with one saying "my cat is bigger than that, it's just a normal sized moggy!"

    "Looks like a dear little moggie enjoying an amble up a country lane, walks and moves like a domestic cat and its tail isn't long enough, not beast material!" another remarked.


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