Two workers and contractor asked to leave TVNZ after allegations of sexism and harassment

There are have been five incidents of alleged sexual harassment or sexism at state broadcaster Television New Zealand (TVNZ) in the last five years.

Information released to the Herald has revealed two workers and one external contractor have also been asked to leave due to sexual misconduct in the workplace.

The broadcaster, which released the information under the Official Information Act, confirmed no payments have been made to any individuals in relation to sexual harassment related issues.

Sexual misconduct in the news and entertainment industry has been under scrutiny in the media recently, with allegations surfacing against workers in multiple companies.

A host on a MediaWorks radio show resigned after allegations of sexual harassment and five RNZ workers have been investigated for harassment or sexism in the last five years.

A former Sky TV worker claimed she was sexually harassed multiple times by colleagues throughout her work with that broadcaster.

The TVNZ spokesperson said the organisation had no knowledge of any workers in the last five years having criminal convictions for sexual assault, child abuse or indecent assault.

They did not say which part of the company any of the alleged misconduct, sexism or sexual harassment happened at.

“TVNZ’s code of conduct applies equally to all employees, and we don’t differentiate between on-air vs off-air staff.”

In 2019 TVNZ chief executive, Kevin Kenrick, publicly invited any current or former TVNZ staff members who believed that they were victims of harassment of any kind to come forward if they wanted to discuss this confidentially.

“Three former employees reported incidents while working at TVNZ more than 10 years ago. None of those accused of this harassment or sexism were still employed by TVNZ at the time.”

After the Herald filed an OIA to TVNZ last month Kenrick sent an email to staff saying harassment will not be tolerated.

“You have my assurance that should you ever report a concern about the behaviour of a co-worker, manager or client your complaint will be taken seriously, treated confidentially and investigated promptly and fairly.”

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