UK set for snow in surprising winter resurgence following recent warm weather

Brits could face a late wintry freeze despite recent early spring sunshine and warmth hinting that summer could finally be well on its way.

While temperatures of 18.5C were recorded over the weekend, forecasters have warned that low pressure could prompt a flurry of cold weather.

Meteorologists believe inclement conditions from Scandanavia could head towards the UK next week, generating snow over higher ground and frost in lower areas.

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Brian Gaze, director and forecaster at Weather Outlook, said: "Computer models are suggesting that winter may have one final trick up its sleeve for the UK.

"This weekend high pressure is expected to build over Greenland and that opens the gates for a plunge of very cold Arctic air to sweep southwards towards the UK.

"The cold conditions are most likely to impact the north and that is where the risk of snow is the greatest, but it's not out of the question that it could extend to southern Britain for a time, particularly over high ground."

He added that temperatures may rise in strong sunshine, but that that it could still be cold, urging people to keep an eye on the weather forecasts.

The Met Office stated confidence in the forecast from the end of April to May 1 is "low", but that periods of "more changeable and unsettled weather" remain possible.

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, told the Daily Express: "It is starting to turn colder again and the reason for that is we have fronts coming from Scandinavia and it drags in the cold air.

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"It's two steps forward and one step back, we're not really getting the weather we should be getting as we normally get a bit of a heatwave but it hasn't really moved in," adding that April tends to be a "mixed month" with plenty of showers.

Weather maps from WXCharts show that the country will grow colder this weekend, with temperatures potentially reaching 0C overnight in the early morning on Saturday (April 22) and Sunday (April 23), but that northern England and Scotland could see -5C and below at night.

Forecasters predict that the cold front will remain for another week, from Monday (April 24) until Saturday (April 29), remaining between 0C and 15C until the start of May.

However, all is not lost, as the weather watchers say the predictions only signal a "general trend" due to the inaccuracy of predictions so far ahead, and that there was still a good chance of a "settled weather regime" as the month progresses, heralding temperatures closer to average for the time of year.


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