UK threatens to send own investigators to Pakistan over murdered Sara Sharif

Pakistan’s police force is facing intense pressure from British authorities as they strive to locate the missing family members linked to the heart-wrenching murder of ten-year-old Sara Sharif.

The case has taken an international twist, with the family members fleeing the UK just a day before Sara’s lifeless body was discovered in their Surrey home.

Sara’s father, Malik Urfan Sharif (41), his partner Beinash Batool (29), and Urfan’s brother, Faisal Malik (28), are now the subjects of a manhunt launched by both British and Pakistani officials.

The trio left the UK shortly before the tragic discovery in their £500,000 family home in Horsell.

Recent developments from Surrey Police reveal troubling facts about the case. Sara’s body was found on August 10 after Sharif made a distress call to Pakistani authorities, prompting an investigation at their family home.

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Although the exact cause of Sara’s death remains uncertain after post-mortem tests, disturbing evidence emerged.

The young girl had bruises on her body, indicating prolonged and multiple injuries over time.

Mr Sharif, a taxi driver from Surrey, originally hails from Jhelum in Pakistan’s Punjab region.

Officials suspect he, along with his partner and brother, has returned there since leaving the UK. The search for them spans both countries.

Imran Sharif, Mr Sharif’s brother in Jhelum, revealed that his fugitive brother briefly visited the family home after reaching Pakistan. However, he denied knowledge of his current whereabouts.

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The tragic incident has sparked collaboration between British and Pakistani authorities, aiming to trace the fugitives.

The investigating officer at Jhelum’s Saddar Police station, Malik Imran, who is coordinating the investigation, said: “We are facing tremendous pressure from the authorities to find the location of Urfan Sharif.

“The British High Commission in Islamabad is pressuring us to find [Urfan Sharif] immediately, or they will send their own investigators.”

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