UK weather forecast: Maps show deep freeze will delay spring in Southern England

UK weather: Met Office issues yellow wind warnings

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Parts of the country will see thermometers fall to -2C next weekend with Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, and Somerset all facing bone-chilling temperatures with deep frosts. And although the mercury should rise to more normal levels by the end of the month, forecasters have warned the icy snap will catch many off guard. 

This Sunday, the southwest has seen smatterings of showers with patches of sun breaking through.

The wind will die down as the day goes on, but the danger of heavy intermittent showers will not disappear.

For the southwest, although there will be a maximum temperature of 12C, this could come with thunder in some parts.

Across the rest of the UK, the Met Office predicts more rain in the north and east of England, which will move further south as the weekend comes to an end.

For the remainder of Sunday, the northwest will be largely covered by clouds, with temperatures peaking at 12C for those in Manchester.

The picture is similar on the northeast coast, with outbreaks of sunshine in Newcastle-upon-Tyne brightening the temperatures in the low double-digits.

It will be slightly colder in Scotland for the rest of the weekend, with the east coast seeing highs of 8C but Edinburgh climbing to up to 11C.

Across Wales, temperatures will hover around 10C, with the capital seeing chances of showers.

The likelihood of rain in Cardiff is substantial until Sunday evening, where cloud cover will dominate.

By Monday morning, rain will continue in the northwest of England and head towards the east.

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The south largely escapes the band of heavy rain, but will be vulnerable to showers developing sporadically over the day.

The picture is similar through the first part of the week, but the sun makes a reappearance by Thursday for more pleasant conditions across the UK.

The day will start with patches of mist and fog, which are expected to clear quickly in the morning.

Strong breezes are forecast for the northwest of England, but temperatures will remain steady at levels normal for this time of year.

Most of the UK will be spared more rain towards the weekend, with temperatures mild and pleasant.

The south and east of the UK are likely to enjoy the best weather, with sunny spells dominating at the end of the week.

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