UK weather maps show summer heatwaves will bring drought and abnormal dryness

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    Weather forecasters have warned that "drought" and periods of "abnormal dryness" could plague the UK this summer during heatwaves.

    Last year saw temperatures in the UK breach 40C for the first time in recorded history. There were also a number of wildfires and the UK government was forced to issue its first drought declaration in England since 2018.

    Temperatures aren't expected to be as scorching as that this time around but we still look to be in for hot spells.

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    Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden previously predicted a total of four heatwaves coming "in and around early June, mid-July, and the second half of August" as well as in September.

    Forecasters at AccuWeather have now mapped the potential impact of the upcoming heat in their 2023 summer forecast for Europe.

    One map shows the entirety of the UK as well as northern parts of the continent marked for "abnormal dryness". Another shows northern regions of the UK marked for "some" fire risk, although that risk is only "low" down south.

    AccuWeather senior meteorologist Tyler Roys said: "There is a threat for drought to return, especially in England and the Midlands, but conditions are not expected to be as severe as last year."

    The report also stated that showers and thunderstorms will likely be interspersed between the dry spells this summer, particularly in England and Wales.

    AccuWeather tipped June and July to be the driest months.

    "How much precipitation there is during the latter part of the summer may be dependent on any tropical features that are in the Atlantic Ocean that could get steered toward northwest Europe," Roys said.

    "By late August, that is when the British Isles could face the potential for impacts from tropical entities."

    Madden also highlighted the fact that the hot spells will be broken up by "more changeable" conditions.

    He said previously: "It will not be entirely this way throughout [summer] and warm weather lovers should make the best of current conditions over the next few weeks, as more changeable weather is also going to play it's part throughout this summer as in our original projections… in addition to the two to four major heatwaves that are still on the cards."

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